Joe Allegrini Children's Hero Fund


The Joe Allegrini Children’s Hero Fund is an organization whose purpose is to raise awareness about child abuse and provide funding for direct services provided by professional organizations dealing solely with child abuse victims.

The Hero Fund was created in memory of Joseph Allegrini, who, among many other things was an integral part of the local children's advocacy center in Harrisburg, PA, the Children's Resource Center. Not only was he a champion of their cause, he was also instrumental in creating their Reading Heroes Program, a campaign that brought child abuse awareness to middle school-aged children.

Since Joe devoted so much of his life to obtaining funding and “getting the word out” about this amazing cause and the local, very worthy organization, it was only fitting for us to continue this quest in his loving memory. Joe loved his god, his family, his friends and his community with a passion and vigor that anyone who knew him will tell you they were blessed to experience.

We have taken his mission and expanded it to include the entire state of Pennsylvania and beyond. Working every day and with your support, we will be able to continuing his legacy of living, loving and giving. It is appreciated by our organization as well as all the children and families your donations and word of mouth will continue to help for years to come.

On behalf of the Joe Allegrini Children's Hero Fund family, thank you so very much for helping us to succeed in raising awareness and reaching for an end to child abuse, once and for all.