Joe Allegrini Children's Hero Fund


Joe Allegrini was my husband. He died two weeks short of our 16th wedding anniversary in May 2009. But don't be sad for me...I am grateful every day for having known and loved him.

Joe was a father, husband, son, brother, nephew, uncle, cousin, and friend to so many. He was someone who didn't organize, read about, contemplate or delegate...he just did. When Joe threw himself into something, it was going to get done. He had a moral fiber and passion for good that I've never seen, or have rarely, and I admired that in him.

Joe worked as a juvenile police detective, coming home some days completely broken hearted at what he would see. He would say, "Do people just not care about their kids anymore?"

He knew if he helped at least one child, he had accomplished something. I think he helped hundreds over the years, but he never looked back, only forward to the children he could help in the future.

He was known as a kind police officer. After he died I heard from countless kids and their parents about how Joe helped them turn things around. That would have made him happy. It made me smile.

One of his most important efforts was helping to raise money and awareness for the Children's Resource Center in Harrisburg. The center provides children of abuse with a myriad of services, all just as important as the next in getting these children the help they need in putting their lives back together. He knew that for this center to be successful, people needed to know about it and support it.

He was the first chairperson of the Friends of the Children's Resource Center Committee. From the beginning, he worked tirelessly to raise money wherever he could. I laugh to myself when I think of how he probably hounded people for donations or whatever they could give. But in the end, not only did the CRC have money for necessary things, it also had an identity. Joe got that ball rolling, and I am committed to making sure it continues.

After Joe died, my brother wanted to start a memorial golf tournament in his honor. I agreed, as long as the money went to the CRC. Thus, the Joe Allegrini Children's Hero Memorial Golf Tournament was born.

We are very proud of all that Joe accomplished in his short life. This tournament is an important way to keep alive the important work he started, and a fitting tribute to a man who meant so much to so many.

On behalf of Joe and our family, please accept our gratitude for your kindness and for your donations to this very worthy cause.

Most sincerely,
Jeannie Allegrini